Placement Grant Examples

1. Pontifical Academy for Life (Rome, Italy)

“The Cross and suffering have defined my experiences [supported by the dCEC] from Lampedusa through the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Sisters of Life. I wanted to see how to uphold the dignity of life and how these communities work towards that. Though I already knew that immense suffering existed in these communities or with the people they serve, I did not yet understand that this suffering, when acknowledged as the Cross, would be the answer to the healing of identity that each person I encountered, and truly our world, suffers.”

2. Becket Fund For Religious Liberty (Washington, DC)

“Defending religious liberty for all doesn’t always look like protests, marches, and posters. Sometimes, it looks like briefs, research, and profound reflection on the values, written and unwritten, upon which our country stands. I walked through a sleek, glass front door and into that world on my first day with the Becket Fund this summer. Spending two months as a part of the team that is realizing an authentic understanding of religious liberty in this country, rooted in real human dignity and a profound respect for the human person, provided an opportune space for vocational discernment. 

“I walk away from this summer with new friends, experiences, skills, and perspectives; beyond that, I walk away confident that I want to join the movement to defend human flourishing and the good in the legal field. The dCEC provides me with unparalleled opportunities to continually discern that vocation. To do so with their support in a real-world environment, where each day I was directly involved in the process of defending religious liberty and surrounded by mentors who walked with me along this road of formation, was a remarkable opportunity.”

3. Research Assistant with Peggy Noonan (New York, NY)

“Over the course of the summer, Ms. Noonan and I began research for her latest book on American childhood. It was clear from the outset that Peggy is going to be a lifelong friend and mentor. The Center’s commitment to an integral student formation breathes into the world graduates who, like myself, are eager and willing to be the leaders of tomorrow across a wide range of industries and sectors, all the while rooted in and nourished by the deep wells of tradition.”

Other Projects Funded by Placement Grants

1.  Pro-life Campaign (Dublin, Ireland)
2.  Archdiocese of New York – Inner-City Scholarship Fund (New York, NY)
3.  Office of the Attorney General – Civil Rights Division (Washington, DC)
4.  The Patrons of the Arts – Vatican Museums (Rome, Italy)
5.  Mayo Clinic Summer Pro›gram in Biomedical Ethics Research (Rochester, MN)
6.  Knights of Columbus Supreme Headquarters (New Haven, CT)
7.  Internship with Film/Television Producer (Los Angeles, CA & Chicago, IL)