Placement Referral Request

Aly Pope Francis


A Sorin Fellows Program Placement Referral Request supports undergraduate and graduate Sorin Fellows who seek to be referred to and supported in applications for summer internships and placements with organizations who share an intersecting mission with the de Nicola Center.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. For priority funding consideration for projects during academic break periods, the following deadlines apply:



Please see our FAQ page for further information about the priority and rolling deadlines.

Grants are awarded based on merit and a record of participation in the life of the Sorin Fellows Program.

Maximum Award 

Students are eligible for funding from the de Nicola Center should a referral be successfully executed.

How to Apply

Please familiarize yourself with our full guidelines listed below before logging into the application. Please note: You will not be able to save and return to your application.

Application Guidelines

We recommend that you collect all necessary materials before logging into the application. You will receive instruction on how to upload materials during the application process. A complete application consists of the following distinct parts:

• a description of the Sorin Fellows’ studies and interests
• a general description of what kind of placement would be of interest
• a timeframe of availability and geographic preferences (if any)
• a current curriculum vitae or résumé

Failure to submit all required materials promptly may result in the application being excluded from consideration.

Apply for a Sorin Fellows Program Placement Referral Request here.