The Center for Ethics and Culture hosts a variety of programs throughout the year in four main areas of inquiry and engagement: bioethics, human dignity, and the human person; public policy and the common good; professional ethics; and ethics in literature and the arts.

Student Programs

The Center offers fellowships, internships, and a wide range of exciting activities on campus for undergraduates, including our Sorin Fellows program, Bread of Life Dinners, and our sponsorship of the Notre Dame Right to Life Club.

Mission Hiring

Notre Dame’s mission statement affirms that the university’s Catholic character “depends upon, and is nurtured by, the continuing presence of a predominant number of Catholic intellectuals.” At the Center for Ethics and Culture, we believe that the most powerful mechanism for preserving a robust Catholic identity at Notre Dame is an intentional and careful program of hiring for mission.

Culture of Life

The Center hosts programming designed to promote a culture of life on Notre Dame's campus and beyond. Events include the Notre Dame Vita Institute, a week-long program to form current and emerging leaders in the pro-life movement; the Evangelium Vitae Medal, awarded annually to champions of the culture of life; organizing the annual trip for more than 800 Notre Dame participants at the March for Life in Washington, D.C.; and Bread of Life Dinners, where undergraduates and faculty members gather to discuss life issues in a casual atmosphere.

Fall Conference

This three-day interdisciplinary conference is the Center’s flagship event and a vital forum for fruitful dialogue among the world's leading Catholic thinkers, as well as those from other traditions, on the most pressing and vexed questions of ethics, culture, and public policy. Find out more about past conferences and this year’s call for papers.

Under Caesar's Sword

Under Caesar's Sword is a collaborative global research project that investigates how Christian communities respond when their religious freedom is severely violated. It is a partnership of the Center for Ethics and Culture and the Religious Freedom Institute, with the support of the Templeton Religion Trust.

Catholic Culture Series

Since 2002, the Center for Ethics and Culture has sponsored the Catholic Culture Series, a series of lectures focused on prominent Catholic figures in literature and the arts.