Who Inspires Us


Great Figures at Notre Dame

Many great Catholic intellectuals and teachers have filled the ranks of the faculty at the University of Notre Dame, people who have—in the words of one such faculty member, Frank O’Malley—helped the university continue in its mission to “redeem the time.” Read more about the history of the university and of some of her outstanding professors who helped advance that mission.

On the Shoulders of Giants

It is a byword of our tradition that if we can now see further, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Here are some of the giants supporting us, together with just a small sampling of their writings, which continue to inspire.

Ralph McInerny’s Profiles of Catholic Writers

Notre Dame’s own Ralph McInerny said that Western culture “is inconceivable apart from the faith of those who produced it.” The Catholic writer, conscious of “the ultimate stakes of life,” uses the language of poetry, myth, symbol, and drama to explore the depths and richness of human action and experience. Enjoy McInerny’s profiles of some of these Catholic writers and their works.