One Year Post-Dobbs: Supporting the Culture of Life at the dCEC

Author: Kenneth Hallenius

March For Life at Supreme Court

On June 24, America will mark the first anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which restored the right of the American people to create laws and policies that protect human life at all stages of development and offer comprehensive support to women, children, and families. In the year following the decision, the de Nicola Center has hosted more than 15 presentations, panel discussions, and conversations examining how best to pursue that vital work in the new post-Dobbs landscape.

The de Nicola Center remains committed to serving as a leading witness not only to the sanctity of every human life but to the radical hospitality at the heart of the pro-life movement in which everyone counts, and all are welcomed into the human family in love, friendship, and support.

A sample of pro-life programs hosted or cosponsored by the de Nicola Center over the past 14 months: