Director Carter Snead Joins Top European Policymakers in Croatia to Discuss Bioethics and the Future of Europe

Author: Stephen Freddoso


Late last month, Carter Snead, William P. and Hazel B. White Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture and professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, traveled to Croatia to deliver a lecture at "Kulfest: A Festival of Progressive Culture," cosponsored by NGOs Vigilare and the Centarza Obnovu Kulture.
Professor Snead served on a panel discussing the future of Europe with prominent figures in European public policy including Tibor Navracsics, former Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and current EU Commissioner; Zeljko Tanjic, Rector of the Catholic University of Croatia; Karl-Peter Schwartz, an Austrian journalist; and Robin Harris, Domestic Policy Advisor to Margaret Thatcher. Professor Snead delivered a paper entitled "Economics is Not Enough: European Unity and the Problem of Persons."
On Friday, May 22, he gave a presentation at the Catholic University of Croatia entitled "Public Bioethics and the American Presidency." 
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