CNN Publishes Op-Ed by CEC Director Carter Snead on What the Alfie Evans Case Laid Bare

Author: Kenneth Hallenius

Snead Cnn Alfie Evans

In a piece entitled "The Alfie Evans case is straight out of a dystopia," CEC Director O. Carter Snead wrote,

Little Alfie Evans has recently passed away, but the struggle over his treatment provoked a worldwide conflict over parental rights, how to care properly for the seriously disabled, and the appropriate role of the state in such intimate and vexed matters. What it revealed is that the law of the UK is in desperate need of revision to make room for the profoundly disabled and their loved ones who wish to care for them, despite the judgment of others that such lives of radical dependence and frailty are not worth living.

"What began with a hospital's deadly policy against a child with apparently permanent disabilities ended with a shocking totalitarian intervention by the state, annihilating his parents' rights in order to ensure Alfie's demise," Snead continued.

Read the entire piece on CNN's website.