Center Sponsors Student Internship at the Vatican

Author: Stephen Freddoso

Over the summer, the Center sponsored an internship at the Vatican for Steven Waldorf, a Notre Dame graduate student. He describes his experience below:

"This summer, I worked as an intern in the Patrons of the A


rts Office in the Vatican Museums.  The Patrons Office raises funds for the restoration and conservation of pieces housed in the collections of the Vatican Museums, including for high-profile restoration projects such as the lateral walls of the Sistine Chapel, the frescoes in the Raphael Rooms, and the frescoes in the Pauline Chapel.  As an intern at the Patrons Office, I researched philanthropic foundations to which the Vatican Museums can apply for grants to assist with covering the cost of restoration work.  I also assisted the director of the Patrons Office, Rev. Mark Haydu, LC, with the editing of his upcoming book on the depiction of angels in Vatican art. The opportunity to serve the Church by working at the Patrons Office is a great blessing, and I am most grateful for the support of the Center for Ethics and Culture in making my participation in the internship program possible."