Center Sends Jr. Fellow to Rome for Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference

Author: Angela Bermudez

Last week, the Center sent one of its Junior Fellows, ND undergrad Margaret Kennedy, to Rome for the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference, "Regenerative Medicine- A Fundamental Shift in Science and Culture."
At the conference, Margaret served as a student ambassador. She shared this story from Rome:
"Today, we've been hearing about stem cell therapy in the treatment of MS. We just heard from 20-year-old Roxanne Julia Beygi, who told us her inspirational story of how stem cell therapy changed her life: 'I was diagnosed with MS at 14 and a half in 2007... Conventional treatments really only seemed to add to my misery and now I take no medication today. Since I had my transplant, my life has changed completely. Now, I run every day. I'm still not normal, and I still feel like MS has robbed me of my teenage years, but this is like heaven to me. I can now choose my courses, pick our my own clothes, and make decisions about my future. I have hope."