CEC Cosponsors Philosophy Workshop: "Aquinas on Politics"

Author: Kenneth Hallenius

Philosophy Workshop Aquinas On Politics

The ND Center for Ethics and Culture is partnering with the Thomistic Institute and the Catholic & Dominican Institute to cosponsor the 6th Annual Philosophy Workshop, "Aquinas on Politics" at Mount Saint Mary College, June 2-5. Workshop faculty include regular CEC Fall Conference presenters Fr. Thomas Joseph White OP and Fr. Michael Sherwin OP, who will explore the thought of the Universal Doctor on civic life including the common good, the human family, natural rights, and the nature of justice. Participants will discuss St. Thomas's commentary on Aristotle's Politics, as well as selections from the Summa Theologiae.

For more information about the Philosophy Workshop, visit http://www.msmc.edu/About_MSMC/sixth_annual_philosophy_workshop.be