Carter Snead Takes over as Director of the Center

Author: Angela Bermudez

As of July 1st, 2012, Notre Dame Law professor O. Carter Snead has taken over as W.P. and H.B. White Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. Professor Snead joined the faculty in 2005. His principal area of research is Public Bioethics – the governance of science, medicine, and biotechnology in the name of ethical goods. His scholarly works have explored issues relating to neuroethics, enhancement, stem cell research, abortion, and end-of-life decision-making. His articles appear in such publications as the New York University Law Review, the Harvard Law Review Forum, the Vanderbilt Law Review, Constitutional Commentary, Quaderni Costituzionali, the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, and Political Science Quarterly. Professor Snead teaches Law & Bioethics, Torts, and Constitutional Criminal Procedure. Professor Snead looks forward to building on the foundation laid by Professor David Solomon, who will continue to be a vital presence at Notre Dame as a professor in the Philosophy Department.