To Speak Freely: Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age


Location: Oak Room, South Dining Hall

Jordi Book Cover

Join the de Nicola Center for a panel conversation on The Collapse of Freedom of Expression: Reconstructing the Ancient Roots of Modern Liberty by Jordi Pujol, the latest release in the de Nicola Center's series "Catholic Ideas for a Secular World" with University of Notre Dame Press.

Pujol argues that modernity has disregarded the traditional roots of the freedom of expression drawn from Christianity, Greek philosophy, and Roman law, which has left the door open to the various forms of abuse, censorship, and restrictions seen in contemporary public discourse. Instead, Pujol proposes that we rebuild the foundations of the freedom of expression by returning to older traditions and incorporating both the field of pragmatics of language and theological and ethical concepts on human intentionality as new, complementary disciplines.

Panelists include Paolo Carozza, Diane Desierto, and Rick Garnett of Notre Dame Law School, with a response by Pujol. Lunch will be offered beginning at noon, and copies of the book will be available for sale from UND Press. No RSVP required.

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