The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision


Location: Catholic Information Center, Washington, D.C.

Bachiochi Book Talk

Join Ryan Anderson (EPPC), Mary Eberstadt (CIC Panula Chair), and Ashley McGuire (Catholic Association) for a conversation with author Erika Bachiochi on the themes of her forthcoming book, The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision.

The Rights of Women, the newest release in the de Nicola Center's "Catholic Ideas for a Secular World" book series with University of Notre Dame Press, offers an original look at the development of feminism in the United States and proposes a philosophical and legal framework for rights grounded in our responsibilities. Have the gains achieved by modern feminists in the political and economic spheres relied on a too-narrow idea of liberty and equality, at the expense of a richer understanding of the natural duties that we owe to one another? If so, what are the costs of this, and can the proper foundation of equal rights be reclaimed?

Register for this in-person event on the Catholic Information Center website. (A recording of the conversation will be made publicly available following the event.) Preorder a copy of The Rights of Women through the University of Notre Dame Press website using promo code 14CEC for 50 percent off the purchase price through June 30. 

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