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Sunday, August 21, 2016

"I'm Very Happy to Live with You": Disability as a Resource


Location: Rimini, Italy


The Center for Ethics and Culture is proud to be a co-sponsor of the annual Rimini Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples. Since 1980, the Rimini Meeting has been an encounter among persons of different faiths and cultures. A place for friendship where peace, socialization, and a friendship among peoples may be established. These are encounters born from people that share a tension towards what is true, good, and beautiful. Every year great political personalities, managers, representatives of different religions and cultures, intellectuals and artists, athletes and protagonists of the world scene visit the Rimini Meeting. It offers stories of men and women through conferences, exhibitions, shows, and sporting events. At the Rimini Meeting, culture expresses itself as an experience, originated by the desire to discover the beauty of reality. All of this happens in the seven days during which the world’s most attended cultural festival takes place.…

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