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The Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Medal is the nation's most important lifetime achievement award for heroes in the pro-life movement, honoring individuals whose outstanding efforts have served to proclaim the Gospel of Life by steadfastly affirming and defending the sanctity of human life from its earliest stages. Announced annually on Respect Life Sunday (the first Sunday of October), the Evangelium Vitae Medal consists of a specially commissioned medal and $10,000 prize, which is presented at a spring banquet.

The Center for Ethics and Culture will present the 2018 Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Medal to Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard professor of law and the former US Ambassador to the Holy See for her decades of scholarship, advocacy, and witness to the dignity of all life, born and unborn. As Center director Carter Snead said, “She personifies the goods at the heart of the Evangelium Vitae Medal. Through her work as a world-class scholar and teacher, a diplomat, a White House bioethics adviser and an official of the Holy See, she has provided a joyful, loving and unwavering witness to the dignity of all persons, born and unborn, as created in the image and likeness of God. She sets the standard for all of us who work to build a culture of life worldwide. There is no one like her.”

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