Permanent Research Fellows

Read about the distinguished permanent scholars who profoundly influence the intellectual life of the Center.

Visiting Research Fellows

Meet our visiting research fellows, who spend the year working on scholarly pursuits and enriching the intellectual life of the Center.

Public Policy Fellows

Public policy fellows are experts affiliated with the Center who bring Notre Dame’s voice into the public square on the most important policy debates concerning human dignity and the common good. Public policy fellows offer legislative testimony before Congress and state legislatures on such vital issues as abortion, euthanasia, and the HHS mandate; advice and counsel to elected and appointed officials through policy briefings, Supreme Court amicus briefs, and white papers; and media commentary through press interviews, op-eds, and public statements. 

Visiting Scholars

See a list of visiting scholars hosted by the Center for a semester or less.

Undergraduate Sorin Fellows

Meet the undergraduate students who play an active role in the work of the Center on campus by assisting with special projects during the year.

Apply for a Fellowship

Apply for the Myser Fellowship or the Mary Ann Remick Senior Visiting Fellowship.