Fall Conference: Higher Powers (Nov. 1–3, 2018)

Location: TBA

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What is the proper relationship between God, the human person, and the state? In a 1993 address, Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed that, “having refused to recognize the unchanging Higher Power above us, we have filled that space with personal imperatives, and suddenly life has become a harrowing prospect indeed.” Twenty-five years after Solzhenitsyn’s address, and one hundred years after his birth, the Center for Ethics and Culture’s 19th Annual Fall Conference will consider how every human pursuit can be oriented toward higher powers and reflect on the true measures of social progress, the role of morality in law and politics, and the dynamics of liberty, dignity, self-sacrifice, and the good in public life.

The 19th Annual Fall Conference will take place November 1–3, 2018 at the University of Notre Dame.

In its characteristic interdisciplinary spirit, the Center for Ethics and Culture hosts presentations from a wide array of fields of inquiry, including theology, philosophy, political theory, law, history, economics, and the social sciences, as well as the natural sciences, literature, and the arts. In honor of his centenary, we also will feature reflections specifically on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s life and work.

Registration and lodging information will be posted here and on the Fall Conference webpage in mid-September 2018.

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