Yuval Levin


Yuval Levin is the Hertog Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C., as well as the founding editor of National Affairs, a senior editor at the New Atlantis, and a contributing editor to National Review and the Weekly Standard. He served on the White House domestic policy staff under President George W. Bush and is the former executive director of the President’s Council on Bioethics. He received a B.A. in political science from American University and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. Levin's writings have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post, among others; his most recent book is The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the Birth of Right and Left (Basic Books, 2013). His areas of specialty include health care, entitlement reform, economic and domestic policy, science and technology policy, and political philosophy.