Caroline Cecilia Akulo

A native of Kampala, Uganda, Caroline Cecilia Akulo is a student at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, pursuing a Licentiate in Church Communications. Ms. Akulo previously served as the Communications Coordinator of the Archdiocese of Kampala at Christ the King Parish in Kampala, a role she still occupies. Ms. Akulo also serves as the Vice Chairperson and Board Member of the Association of Catholic Communication Practitioners in Uganda, in collaboration with the Catholic Social Communications Commission of the Ugandan Episcopal Conference.

Caroline Lumsa

Your Grace, Bishop Onah; Your Grace, Bishop Barron, Dr. de Solenni, and to each and all, a good evening to you!

My name is Caroline Cecilia Akulo. I am a student of Church Communications at ​at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross here in Rome. I am originally from Kampala, Uganda. ​Thank you for making me part of this occasion.

All credit goes to the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Virgin, my guardian angel and the saints who accompany me always. It is hard to speak on behalf of everyone, because I do not know about each one’s state of life. I stand here, however, hoping that I can identify well with at least the greater need of any young African and any young person around the world, today. Since Christianity is here and it is existing and it is part of our reality and identity, we simply ought to behave as such – Christians!

That goes, for all of us who assume adoption and have adopted to this, as a way of life. When we feed and nourish our souls and that of our neighbour, simply, with the two greatest commandments left by Our LORD; to love God above all and our neighbour as ourselves and with no complexities to understanding them, then we cannot go wrong and this is what young people, today, need. If focus is placed, rather, on vain tendencies; creatures, material power and money, which are, but not essential, then poverty of the spirit stands to dominate.

There is a need for more strengthening of the state of each human soul, to even withstand tough times, so as to be worthy of the Kingdom of God. Otherwise, all we gain are Christians of routine and caprice.

I think many young people especially today, need that which is truly the image of Christ among us, which seems to be declining. May we return to the drawing board to reflect and renew.

Thank you.