Example Research Grants

1. “The Holy Land through Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Eyes” (Jerusalem)

“In the end, however, the most enduring and important fruit of the trip has been in my spiritual life. The trip was not merely a deeper entry into liturgy, a rigorous intellectual exploration of faith, or more vivid experience of Sacred Scripture. Rather, it constituted a true and personal encounter with Christ in the land in which He became flesh. Through this trip, I experienced in a new way the profoundly human reality of the Incarnation. This is a gift of
inestimable value!”

2. Precision Medicine Research Fellowship at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (New York, NY)

“During this 8-week period, I immersed myself in immunology research in Dr. Betsy Barnes’ lab with a particular focus on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), commonly referred to as lupus disease. I set out to prove that a particular peptide, a compound of linked amino acids, could bind to a specific transcription factor, a protein that controls gene activity, in living cells and thereby potentially prevent the onset of the disease. During the most mundane days, my greatest consolation stemmed from the knowledge and hope that my contributions may bring other researchers one step closer to preventing the suffering of others. Overall, both in and out of the lab, I truly benefited from this summer experience, and my time here has confirmed my desire both to pursue graduate studies in the biomedical field and to use science to serve others.”

3. Saffron Ventures (Washington, DC)

“My internship this past summer was...the most impactful experience of my professional career thus far. When I began, I couldn’t have imagined the degree to which I would be challenged and the degree to which I would overcome those challenges and create incredible value for [my host company]. In both of those areas, I also found myself acquiring new skills, learning from young, talented, driven colleagues, and enjoying every bit of it.”

Other Projects Funded by Research Grants

1.  Research assistantship with the UNESCO chair on global health governance (Santiago, Chile)
2.  Prison reform research: "Rethinking Crime and Justice: Explorations from the Inside Out." (Halden, Norway)
3.  Research assistantship with Humanitarian Corridors (Rome, Italy; Lampedusa, Pelagie Islands)
4.  Research on Byzantine monumental architecture and iconography in Byzantium (Istanbul, Turkey) 
5.  Senior thesis research at the Duomo on the Franciscan influence on the increased depiction of emotion in Italian Painting during the late Middle Ages (Florence, Italy)
6.  Archival consultation: GK Chesterton (University of Oxford)
7.  “Dramatic Arts and Peace-building” – Playwright research in the Holy Land (Jerusalem and Palestine)