2002: G.K. Chesterton


G.K. Chesterton visited Notre Dame in 1930, and he returned for the inaugural Catholic Literature Series in 2002. The lectures in this series focused on him as a writer, philosopher, theologian, and economist. Unfortunately, there are no videos available for this series.

  • “Chesterton at Notre Dame,” Ralph McInerny, University of Notre Dame 
  • “Chesterton and the Catholic Worker Movement,” Nicholas Lund-Molfese, University of Illinois, Chicago 
  • “Chesterton: The Poet and the Romantic,” David Fagerberg, University of Notre Dame
  • “Chesterton as Philosopher and Theologian,” Rev. Charles Gordon, C.S.C., University of Notre Dame
  • “An Evening with G.K. Chesterton,” John C. Chalberg, Normandale Community College

Catholic Literature Series