8th Annual Philosophy Workshop: Aquinas on Divine Attributes (June 14–17)

Location: Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh NY

Aquinas on Divine Attributes

The Center for Ethics and Culture, in concert with the Catholic and Dominican Institute at Mount Saint Mary College and the Thomistic Institute at the Dominican House of Studies, is again co-sponsoring the 8th Annual Philosophy Workshop to take place June 14–17, 2018.

The Catholic intellectual tradition has staunchly maintained that God’s existence can be known by reason alone and long heralded St. Thomas Aquinas’s Five Ways as prime examples of plausible demonstrations. This year’s workshop on the divine attributes will serve as a robust introduction to Aquinas’s natural theology for the Thomistic beginner and a speculative advancement for the veteran. Specific divine attributes will be explored as well as the broader issues of the possibility of knowledge of God in this life and divine naming.

More information and registration on the Mount Saint Mary College site.

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