Aquinas and the Philosophy of Nature 5th Annual Philosophy Workshop

Location: Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, NY

Once again this year, the Center is cosponsoring the Thomistic Institute's Philosophy Workshop at Mount Saint Mary's College. This year, the workshop will explore the key principles in Aquinas’ philosophy of nature. How does St. Thomas understand nature and causation? Is his approach compatible with those of the modern sciences? What, for Aquinas, does it mean to understand the particular character of human nature, and how do material realities themselves suggest the necessary existence of immaterial realities (the human soul and God)?


William Carroll, PhD Oxford University
James Brent, OP The Catholic University of America
Alfred Freddoso, PhD University of Notre Dame
Michael Gorman, PhD The Catholic University of America
Jennifer Frey, PhD University of South Carolina
Edward Feser, PhD Pasadena College
Candace Vogler, PhD University of Chicago
John O’Callaghan, PhD University of Notre Dame
Michael Dodds, OP Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, Berkeley,  CA

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