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Who and What Would it Take to Heal the Male/Female Problematic?

Helen Alvare

In two previous columns I suggested that a not insignificant cause of the current rates of out of wedlock pregnancies in the US is a breakdown of healthy relations between women and men.  Past attempts to address high rates of nonmarital pregnancies failed to note this possible cause.  To be clear, I am not suggesting that all prior attempts to curb such pregnancies (e.g. policies in areas such as education, job-training, sex-education, child support enforcement, social welfare, and marriage) were wrong or illogical in themselves, only that they were incomplete.  At the same time I would have to note that some policy responses may have actually exacerbated the situation. Those involving large-scale birth control distribution, for example, and abortion on request, were not only unsuccessful, but sent messages about the meaning of male/female relationships that very likely sent nonmarital birth rates to higher levels.

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