Sorin Fellowships

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The Center for Ethics and Culture’s Sorin Fellowship Program provides Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the Catholic moral and intellectual tradition and examine the many ways they can be brought to bear on pressing ethical issues in culture and public policy today.

Named in honor of Notre Dame’s founder, Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C., as part of the university’s bicentennial celebration of his birth, the Sorin Fellowship Program takes as its inspiration Father Sorin’s vision that Notre Dame might be “a powerful means for good” in the world. Through this student formation program, undergraduate and graduate students are given the tools and support necessary to deepen their understanding of complex ethical issues and amplify Notre Dame’s witness to authentic human dignity and the common good in the public square.

The Sorin Fellowship Program provides students the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other fellows and Notre Dame faculty, participate actively in the intellectual life of the Center and its programming, and gain access to a wide range of unique opportunities, including:

  1. specialized mentorship by Notre Dame professors;
  2. exclusive meetings with influential leaders and distinguished visitors to the university, including Supreme Court justices, Vatican officials, bioethicists, and scholars at the top of their fields;
  3. assistance finding and funding summer internships in a variety of fields;
  4. opportunities to organize student-led events;
  5. research projects guided by leading scholars within and outside Notre Dame, and more.

For more information, contact Associate Director Ryan Madison.

Apply To The Sorin Fellows Program

This year's Sorin Fellows are:

Class of 2017

  • Crystal Avila
  • Barry Bryant
  • John Connors
  • Alyson Cox
  • Christopher deNicola
  • Kristen Gates
  • Monica Golbranson
  • Kate Hardiman
  • Thomas Karam
  • Madeline Lewis
  • Michael Moss
  • Julia Murray
  • Kathryn O'Callaghan
  • Jimmy Perry
  • Makenna Siebenaler
  • Alexander Slavsky
  • Bridgid Smith
  • Alexis Stefaniak
  • Brian Vetter

Class of 2018

  • Caroline Beecher
  • Brendan Besh
  • Anna Bradley
  • Sophie Buono
  • Giancarlo Carozza
  • Brendan Coyne
  • Shaun Evans
  • Jeanne Farnan
  • Ann Gallagher
  • John Paul Gschwind
  • Alex Hadley
  • Evan Holguin
  • Darcy James
  • Jack Kessler
  • Eileen Madigan
  • Therese Madigan
  • Grace McGurn
  • Joseph Nelson
  • Nicole O’Leary
  • Daniel Olivieri
  • Juliana Pellino
  • Stephanie Reuter
  • Molly Robinson
  • Lauren Saunee
  • Clare Scantling
  • Tim Seida
  • Dean Swan
  • Maria VanBerkum
  • Molly Weiner

Class of 2019

  • Kateri Chabot
  • Matthew Connell
  • Madeline Coole
  • Vivian Crumlish
  • Melinda Davis
  • Gavin Ennis
  • Grace Enright
  • Joe Everett
  • Samuel Fentress
  • Harriet Fink
  • Emily Fischer
  • Theresa Gallagher
  • Teresa Kaza
  • Joe Kelley
  • James Kelsey
  • Siena Mantooth
  • Matthew Marsland
  • Colin McCarthy
  • William McDonald
  • Sarah Ortiz
  • Elizabeth Schrieber
  • Michael Smith
  • Anthony Smyth
  • Meg Spesia
  • Andie Tong
  • Claudia Torres
  • Keenan White

Class of 2020

  • Luisa Andrade
  • Kevin Angell
  • Brennan Buhr
  • Martin Burch
  • Jack Ferguson
  • Charlie Filip
  • Helen McGrath
  • Margaret McGurn
  • Erin O'Brien
  • Michaela Reyes
  • Kathleen Shea
  • Leo Styslinger
  • Catherine Viz

Law Students

  • Dominic Barceleau
  • Michael Barrett
  • Audrey Beck
  • Suzanne Beecher
  • Richard Benson
  • Seth Bostrom
  • Rachana Chhin
  • Sarah Clore
  • Meredith Holland
  • Brian Mauldin
  • Michael Mercurio
  • Leslie Nagel
  • Nicholas Schilling
  • David Wilhelmsen

Graduate Students

  • Joseph Ahmad
  • Brian Boyd
  • Isabella Cajiao Garcés
  • Mariele Courtois
  • Chris Harrington
  • Abigail Jorgensen
  • Alex Roth
  • Conor Stark
  • Zachary Thomas