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  • 2015 Fall Conference

    2015 Fall Conference

    See the full schedule for the 16th Annual Fall Conference, "For Freedom Set Free" (November 19-21). Learn more.

  • 2016 Evangelium Vitae Medal

    2016 Evangelium Vitae Medal

    We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Evangelium Vitae Medal: Sr. Loraine Marie Maguire and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Learn more.

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    Our Mission

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Center Director Carter Snead on Passage of CA Assisted Suicide Bill

On Monday, October 5, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the controversial "End of Life Option Act" into law, making physician-assisted suicide legal in the nation's most populous state. Center Director O. Carter Snead called the decision "selfish and short-sighted" in a statement released today:

Quoting the highly personal terms in which Brown had cast his decision — “In the end, I was left to reflect on what I would want in the face of my own death,” the governor said — Snead insisted that “Gov. Brown and those like him — affluent, privileged, able-bodied and with supportive families — are not the ones who will pay the price for this new ‘freedom.’”

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Little Sisters of the Poor to Receive 2016 Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Medal

The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture will award the 2016 Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Medal to the Little Sisters of the Poor and their Mother Provincial, Sr. Loraine Marie Maguire.

“For more than 175 years, the Little Sisters of the Poor have dedicated their lives to humble service of the most vulnerable among us,” said O. Carter Snead, William P. and Hazel B. White Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. “Their work and witness embody the goods at the heart of the Evangelium Vitae Medal. Their unwavering defense of the unborn in the HHS mandate litigation, alongside their longstanding work to care for the elderly poor, offers a beautiful and powerful witness to the unique, inviolable dignity of every person, from conception to natural death. Their work is a testament to the radical solidarity and hospitality at the core of the Gospel of Life.”

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Center Cosponsors Papal Pilgrimage for 500 Notre Dame Students

The Center for Ethics and Culture was pleased to cosponsor the Papal Pilgrimage made by more than 500 students, faculty, and staff from Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, and Holy Cross to see Pope Francis and participate in the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia September 26-27. Senior Sorin Fellow Michael Infantine spoke with Associate Director Ryan Madison about this historic visit.

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Upcoming Events

Forum on the Paris Attacks: European Perspectives


This special forum on the recent terrorist attacks in France will feature brief opening remarks by three Paris-based scholars of European political thought, followed by general questions and discussion. Thursday, November 19, 3-4:30 p.m., McKenna Hall Auditorium. Learn more.

16th Annual Fall Conference


View all upcoming eventsThe 16th Annual Fall Conference, "For Freedom Set Free," will examine the nature, significance, and various dimensions of freedom on November 19-21, 2015. Learn more.

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