2013 Fall Conference Program

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Body and Human Identity
Conference Schedule

Thursday, November 7th
5:15 p.m.- Mass with Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend (Basilica)

7:30 p.m.- Keynote Presentation (Auditorium)
"Age-Retardation, Life-Extension, and the Relation Between the Generations"
Gilbert Meilaender, Valparaiso University
Response by Daniel Sulmasy, University of Chicago

9:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m. – Reception (Atrium)

Friday, November 8th
9:00 a.m.- 10:15 a.m.- Invited Speakers
Machine/Human Interface (Auditorium)
"I Sing the Body Electric"
-Don Howard, University of Notre Dame
"Till They Have Faces"
-Adam Keiper, Ethics and Public Policy Center
"Rewiring the Brain"
-William Hurlbut, Stanford University
Moderator: Dan Costello, University of Notre Dame

Colloquium Sessions
The Body in Literature and the Arts (200)
"Flannery O’Connor, Victor Shklovsky, and an Aesthetic of Shock"
-Kevin Scott, University of Notre Dame
"Walker Percy, Language, and the Unity of Mind and Body"
-Stephen Heaney, University of St Thomas
"De Divina Proportione: Architecture and Human Identity"
-Thomas Stroka, Duncan G Stroik Architect LLC
Moderator: Margaret Garvey, University of Notre Dame

The Body and Morality (112-114)
"Demoralizing the Use of the Body: Some Critical Reflections"
-Mark Cherry, St. Edward’s University
"The Embodiment of Rational and Non-Rational Animals"
-Charles Camosy, Fordham University
"Against Heterosexuality"
-Michael Hannon, Thomistic Institute
Moderator: Christopher Tollefsen, Univesity of South Carolina

Transhumanism (202)
"A Thomistic Appraisal of Human Enhancement Technologies"
-Jason Eberl, Marian University
"The Roots of Transhumanism"
-Steven Jensen, University of St Thomas
"Real Bodies Among the Avatars and Robots: What Matters?"
-Sister M. Timothy Prokes, Franciscan Life Process Center
Moderator: Jennifer Lahl, Center for Bioethics and Culture

10:15- 10:45- Break

10:45-12:00pm- Invited Panels
Plato and the Body, (Auditorium)
Cosponsored by the Notre Dame Workshop on Ancient Philosophy
"Ironic Eros: Notes on a Fantastic Pregnancy"
-Jonathan Lear, University of Chicago
"What does the Body have to do with Becoming Like god in Middle-Platonism?"
-Gretchen Reydams-Schils, University of Notre Dame
"Ice Cold Feet"
-David O’Connor, University of Notre Dame
Moderator: Sean Kelsey, University of Notre Dame

Human Rights and Bodily Integrity (Lower Level)
"Can Harsh Interrogation Be Morally Legitimate?"
-Robert Kennedy, University of St. Thomas
"Forced Abortion and Gendercide in China: Systematic Violations of Human Rights and Bodily Integrity"
-Reggie Littlejohn, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers
"What is Wrong with Torture?"
-Gerard Bradley, University of Notre Dame
Moderator: Sean O'Brien, University of Notre Dame

12:15- 1:15- Lunch

1:30 p.m.- 2:45 p.m.- Invited Speakers
"What the Natural Sciences Do Not Explain" (Auditorium) (Livestreaming, Lower Level)
Alasdair MacIntyre, London Metropolitan University
Moderator: Ryan Madison, University of Notre Dame

2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. - Break

3:15 p.m. - 4:30p.m.- Invited Speakers
"Jerusalem vs. Athens" (Auditorium)
H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr., Rice University
Response by Gary Anderson, University of Notre Dame
Moderator: Patrick Deneen, University of Notre Dame

The Capacity to Generate: Social Life and Institutional Implications (Lower Level)
"What institutions for a generative society?"
-Andrea Simoncini, University of Florence
"What is Generativity in Social Life?"
-Mauro Magatti, Universita Cattolica del S. Cuore
Moderator: Paolo Carozza, University of Notre Dame

7:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. The de Nicola Family Colloquoy (Auditorium) (Livestreaming, Lower Level)
"Understanding persons: Materialism, Idealism or …?"
-Charles Taylor, McGill University
-John Haldane, St. Andrews University
Moderator: O. Carter Snead, University of Notre Dame

9:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m. – Reception (Atrium)

Saturday, November 9th
9:00 a.m.- 10:15 a.m.- Invited Speakers

Property and the Body (Auditorium)
"Surrogacy: Contract, Motherhood, and the Church"
-Margaret Brinig, University of Notre Dame
"Human Dignity in the Era of Genetic Research"
-Lorenza Violini, University of Milan
"Body-Soul Unity and the Ethics of Artificial Reproductive Technologies:
Why Children Have a Right to be Loved by their Genetic Parents"
-Melissa Moschella, Catholic University of America
Moderator: Sean Seymour, Vanderbilt University

Colloquium Sessions
Public Health (200)
"Taking a Rights-Based Approach to Public Health: Maternal Mortality in Tanzania"
-Emily Maistrellis, Boston Children’s Hospital
"Human Dignity Versus Free Labor Market in Europe"
-Massimo Ferrari
"Understanding Our Fertility, Embracing Our Humanity"
-Suzy Younger, St. Joseph FertilityCare Center
Moderator: Angela Miceli, Universidad de Navarre

Healthcare (112-114)
"The ‘Conscience’: A Brief History"
-Jose Bufill, Michiana Hematology-Oncology
"What is Health Care?"
-Catherine Deveal, University of St Thomas
"Dementia and Shared Decision Making:
Assessing the Impact of Foundational Beliefs and Values on Goals of Care"
-Lauris Kaldjian, University of Iowa
Moderator: Santiago Legarre, Universidad Catolica Argentina

Genetics (202)
"Blame It on My Genotype (if Not My Criminal Brain)"
-Daryl Charles, Berry College
"Human Dignity and the Body: Embodied Human Distinctiveness after Darwin"
-David Calhoun, Gonzaga University
"Genetic Testing, Patient Autonomy and Regret"
-Thomas McDonald, Harvard University
Moderator: Fr. James Foster, CSC, University of Notre Dame

Sexual Identity (Lower Level)
"The Foundation in the Spirit of the "Sexual Urge": Metaphysical Underpinnings of the Theology of the Body"
-Maria Fedoryka, Ave Maria University
"The Complex Relationship Between Values and Patterns of Couple Relationships"
-Giovanna Rossi, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
"Arrested Development: Adolescent Masculinity in a ‘Pornified’ Culture"
-Octavia Ratiu, Institute for the Psychological Sciences
Moderator: Duncan Kirk, Saint John’s College

10:15- 10:45- Break

10:45 a.m. -12:00 p.m. - Invited Panels
The Resurrected Body (Auditorium)
"Why Jesus Wept: Making Sense of the Embodiment of the Disabled Mind"
-Elizabeth Schiltz, University of St. Thomas
"Resurrection of the Body and Personal Identity"
-Terry Ehrman, CSC, University of Notre Dame
"The Presence of Disability in the Resurrection of the Dead"
-Candida Moss, University of Notre Dame 
Moderator: Brad Gregory, University of Notre Dame

Food and Drink (Lower Level)
"The Metaphysics of Winemaking"
-Abe Schoener, The Scholium Project
"Homo Bibulous: Man, the Drinker"
-Derek Brown, Laughing Cocktail
"Viticultural Ethics and the Spirit of Gastronomy"
-Anthony Monta, University of Notre Dame
Moderator: Felipe Fernandez Armesto, University of Notre Dame

12:15- 1:15- Lunch

1:30 p.m. -2:45 p.m. - Invited Speakers 
"Mental Health is Not Simply the Absence of Mental Illness" (Auditorium)
Paul McHugh, Johns Hopkins University
Response by Farr Curlin, University of Chicago
Moderator: David Solomon, University of Notre Dame
"The Thinking Heart of Man" (Lower level)
John Waters, Irish Times
Moderator: John O’Callaghan, University of Notre Dame 

2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.- Break

3:15 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. - Invited Panels

"Is It Safe to Talk About Bodies and Souls?" (Auditorium)
John Finnis, University of Notre Dame, Oxford Univesity
Moderator: Michael Moreland, Villanova University

Mother and Child (Lower Level)
"Stone Age Babies In A Space World:
How Maternal-Infant Biology and Culture Conflict In A Western Industrialized Setting"
-James McKenna, University of Notre Dame
"Seat of Wisdom: Towards a Phenomenology of Pregnancy"
-Ann Astell, University of Notre Dame
"The Human Heritage of Intensive Parenting: Needs and Benefits"
-Darcia Narvaez, University of Notre Dame
Moderator: Angela Engelsen, University of Notre Dame

5:00 p.m.- Mass (Basilica)

6:15 p.m.- 7:45 p.m.- Dinner (Lower Level)

8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. (Auditorium) (Livestreaming, Rms. 200 and 202)
Marriage, Catholicism, and Public Policy
Ryan Anderson, Heritage Foundation
Joseph Bottum, The Weekly Standard
Sherif Girgis, Princeton University
Charles Reid, University of St. Thomas
Moderator: Carter Snead, University of Notre Dame

9:30 p.m.-11:00 p.m. – Reception (Atrium)